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Chris James

CJ Head Shot.jpg

Chris James is a 39 year old native of both Illinois and Georgia. Chris served in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2007. Chris enlisted in the Marines as a welder (1316). In 2005, Chris volunteered to go to Iraq as a turret gunner. His team's primary mission was to provide escort security to the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team that was attached with their squadron. Chris returned back to his welding MOS once his squadron was stateside and the IRP (Incidence Response Platoon) had disbanded. Once out of the military, Chris ended up settling down in Illinois in 2011. There he landed his career at Local 265, a Sheet Metal Union based out of Carol Stream. He is currently a Certified Welding Inspector and one of their instructors for their apprenticeship training program. During his free time, he enjoys playing his guitar, hunting, and spending time with his wife and 3 children. 

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