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David McCleery


David McCleery is a 47-year-old disabled veteran married to the love of his life, Rebecca. He is the father to four children and grandfather to five wonderful grandkids. David served in the NAVY Seabees as an equipment operator for 14 years before being honorably discharged. He comes from a Veteran family. His father was in the Air Force in Vietnam and his grandfather was in the Army in WWII. David is VSO with the Veteran Assistance Commission of Kankakee County, he is also the Mentor Coordinator for Veterans Treatment Court. David is a Nationally licensed EMT and is currently attending Liberty University for Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a specialty in Military Resilience. Fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities are more than just hobbies for him, they make-up the foundation of who he is. David uses his passion for the outdoors as part of his mission of helping his brothers and sisters-in-arms from succumbing to the wounds of PTSD and becoming a victim of the 22 suicides a day. Most of all he wants to help any veteran in need and wants veterans to know that while he understands how hard it can be to reach out, that he is here without judgement.

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