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Tom Asay


Tom Asay is the Founder and President of Aceshigh Management, a company that books and promotes local musicians in the Midwest, some of which have opened for national acts. After connecting with Project Headspace and Timing to manage media relations, music, and marketing for the Heroes, Hogs, and Hot Rods Festival of 2019, Tom began volunteering and working more closely with P.H.A.T. until his dedication to helping veterans turned into an invitation to becoming a board member in 2020. Tom uses his connections that he has built to help people, with a special passion for veterans being that his father was a World War II Veteran. Tom believes that the treatment of veterans could be improved upon, and that P.H.A.T. is the organization that can help accomplish this mission, \and is honored to be a member. Tom currently resides in Chebanse with his loving girlfriend and is a proud father of two daughters.

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